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The modern life style, full time sitting job, and fast food culture has affected our physical balance worse. Sitting in an office 

Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy period requires good attention and care. It is proved that the mental and physical states of a mother equally affect her baby. 

Home Yoga

As an online yoga hub, we understand and respect the busy working life of people. While running behind the goals or working hard for 

Corporate Yoga

Yoga is India’s most precious gift to the world. The Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’ means ‘to join together’. Yoga is a tradition and

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Memory Yoga

Living in this world of competitions stimulated by industrialization, all of us are expected to be maximum accurate 

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy, derived from the Yoga tradition of Patanjali and the Ayurvedic system of health care refers to the adaptation and 

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Our existence in a small planet of this vast universe is always an unravelled secret. With a short span of life, we answer the least and let the lion share remain mysterious.


Ayurveda is one of the greatest contributions that India has ever given to the world. It is one of the divine blessing that vedic period has transferred through 


Numbers can be identified as symbols. Numerology studies this symbolism of numbers and uses this analysis to determine an individual’s personality,             

Pranic Food

Being engaged to a busy life that demands swift mobility, we often run behind material aspects and often forget what we really need. We lead      


Andarekee Aarogyam student, Actor Jagapathibabu Garu sharing his amazing personal experience. Give a chance to our process to restore your Body, Mind & Spirit.
Jagapathi Babu
Film Actor
Say good bye to Stress levels naturally now at Andarakee aarogyam. Check out our student, Actor Ravi Prakash speaking about his amazing rejuvination process with Yoga in His Personal Life!
Ravi Prakash
Film Actor

Best Yoga Teacher Training


Andarakee Arogyam, the online yoga hub started with the intention of building up a healthily happy society is a blessing to the innumerable ordinary people from all over the world. The founder of this great enterprise, Sri. R.S. Prasad Guruji is a great visionary who dreams of a society where health is a privilege for every a human being. 

Born to a family of teachers, Prasad Guruji was greatly moved by the magical power of Yoga to heal all the named and unnamed worries of mankind. Unlike his peer, Guruji possessed a different perspective on all his approaches to mankind and health. This passion has inspired him to scrutinize the subject and he pursued master degrees in Sociology, Astronomy and Psychology. With the qualification that overlapped each other, Guruji formulated his theories that can serve to the society with unfathomable contributions in natural healing.

Being himself under the taglines of Psychologist, Yoga therapist, Astro & Numerologist, Guruji nurtured his experience in such a way that his knowledge could productively supplied to the public.


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